Hermann Goering great-niece tells Hitler documentary she has been sterilised

“The 53-year-old, who now lives in New Mexico, was among many relatives of Nazi leaders to speak about the shame and revulsion at their family past.

“She was interviewed about the Nazi second-in-command for the documentary Hitler’s Children, by Israeli director Chanoch Zeevi, which is due to be completed later this year, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

“She said: ‘I had my tubes tied at the age of 30 because I feared I would create another monster.

“‘I look like him for a start – the eyes, the cheekbone, the profile. I look more like him than his own daughter.’

“‘The hardest part is admitting that I could have liked him. I was so shocked by that….'”

that’s GREAT niece and nephew, not niece and nephew. as ed west in the telegraph said:

“[T]he idea that Bettina Göring should end her line because of what her great-uncle did strikes me as appalling. It is not as if the Görings carry a variation of the gene responsible for making people genocidal maniacs, and they have a 50 per cent chance it will express itself in their children. There is no ‘evil gene’, to quote Dr Hibbert….

“The concept that we are responsible for the sins of our fathers is a horrible idea….

“Someone should tell the Görings, and the Germans generally, that they’re not to blame for what their uncles and grandfathers did.”


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