linkfest – 05/06/12

One gene helped human brains become complex“A single ancestral human gene that made two copies of itself may have helped the evolution of our large brains 2.5 million years ago, as our ancestors were diverging from australopithecines.”

Blonde hair evolved independently in Pacific islands

Humans Really Are Still Evolving, Study Finds“Natural forces of evolution still continue to shape humanity despite the power we have to profoundly alter the world around us, researchers say.” – duh. original research article: Natural and sexual selection in a monogamous historical human population

The Great White Horse“A racial group is a partly inbred extended family. The inbreeding gives races more coherence and persistence than typical extended families.” – from steve sailer.

Blacks more likely to commit hate crimes than white – from the audacious epigone.

Rushton on the skin color/behavior correlation“[T]he theory that genes explain the worldwide correlation between skin tone and important behaviors” – from the inductivist.

HBD and Atheism – from jayman.

HBD and policy: Which questions to ask? – from m.g. @the hbdday blog!

World’s Oldest Blood Found in Famed “Iceman” Mummy

Amish farm kids remarkably immune to allergies: study

9-Month-Olds Show Racial Bias When Looking at Faces“‘These results suggest that biases in face recognition and perception begin in preverbal infants, well before concepts about race are formed.'”

Study: Aversion to the smell of meat may be genetic“[P]eople who have two copies of a particular odour receptor gene variant [OR7D4 RT] are more likely to find the smell of a hormone that occurs in pork unpleasant.”

Did Ancient Germans Steal the Pharaoh’s Chair Design?“Roughly 3,500 years ago, folding chairs remarkably similar to ones found in Egypt suddenly became must-have items in parts of northern Europe.”

‘Inhabitants of Madrid’ ate elephants’ meat and bone marrow 80,000 years ago

bonus: Dark Matter May Collide With Atoms Inside You More Often Than Thought – ouch!

bonus bonus: Scientific Evidence Proves why Healers See the “Aura” of People – synesthesia.

bonus bonus bonus: Are Educators Showing A “Positive Bias” To Minority Students – and Keeping Them From Doing Their Best?

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  1. psychological research shills for environmentalist arguments so psychology can keep itself alive.
    psychology purposely sidesteps (sir William of) occam’s razor:
    GENETICS > elaborate-sociocultural-environmental-hypotheses!
    (I’ve tried to say that everyday since HBD day:)
    thanks always for your inspiration & your links:)
    cheers! panjoomby


  2. @panjoomby – “I’ve tried to say that everyday since HBD day:)”

    sounds like a good practice. (^_^)

    @panjoomby – “thanks always for your inspiration & your links:)”

    awwww, you’re welcome! (*^_^*) don’t mention it!


  3. Blond hair in the Pacific?

    That hair isn’t even remotely blond – but it doesn’t cost anything to say it is.

    Yet a closer look revealed that the genetics behind blonde hair in Brussels are distinct from those leading to flaxen locks in the South Pacific.

    uh …. now calling those locks flaxen is going a bit too far,


  4. Egyptian type folding chairs in Germany ca 3500 ya. Hmmm. I recall the Nebra Sky disk was found in Germany was from the same period and it had some Egyptian motifs.

    And, has anybody confirmed the haplotype of King Tut’s Y DNA? I recall that the Discovery channel flashed up some STR values on TV and there was buzz about King Tut being R1b. Historically, King Tut’s ancestors did intermarry with other Indo-European families of the ruling class.


  5. @andrew – “And, has anybody confirmed the haplotype of King Tut’s Y DNA? I recall that the Discovery channel flashed up some STR values on TV and there was buzz about King Tut being R1b.”

    i never saw a follow up about that, so i don’t know what the story is there.



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