greying wanderer suggested a great idea a while back: that i should create a metapost that would explain the discussion around here and which i could update every now and again with new info that i’ve dug up. well, i never got around to creating that metapost — until now!

i decided to use my hbd day essay as a foundation for the metapost, which you can now find up there ↑ in the menu at the top of the page under “start here”. (i’ve taken away the science sites links page. if anybody misses those, lemme know and i’ll stick them with the other links at the bottom of the page.)

if you’ve read yesterday’s essay, then there’s no reason for you to check out the “start here” metapost since that’s all there is there right now. whenever i update it, i’ll let ya’ll know.

that is all. (^_^)