since it’s after midnight, i’m just gonna jump the gun and wish everybody a HAPPY HBD DAY! (^_^)

today’s the day to tell a friend or a colleague … or a random person on the bus … all about human biodiversity! tread carefully, tho. don’t want any of you coming back with a bloody nose. or no job. *gulp* if you just wanna work up the courage for next year, it’s ok to start off this year by simply explaining hbd to the cat (although he already knows aaaaall about it). (~_^)

make sure to check out olave’s excellent hbd day website! the hbd day blog is right here. many thanks to olave for the idea and for building the website. (^_^) and thanks to m.g. for the hbd day banner above. (^_^)

in celebration, have a gummy man! (get it? – they’re all different…)