linkfest – 03/25/12

First Madagascar settlers may have been Indonesian“Their results suggest Madagascar’s initial population contained around 30 women of reproductive age, with roughly 93 per cent of their genes indicating ties to Indonesia. Such a small population suggests they may have colonised Madagascar after crossing the ocean by accident.”

Researchers discover why humans began walking upright – maybe. “Human bipedalism, or walking upright, may have originated millions of years ago as an adaptation to carrying scarce, high-quality resources.”

A black-white difference in cortisol level – from the inductivist.

People with autism have a greater ability to process information, study suggests – obviously. (~_^)

30% of atheists, agnostics are pro-life – from mr. a epigone, esq.

Self-reflective mind — in animals! Psychologists report on continuing advances“According to one of the leading scholars in the field, there is an emerging consensus among scientists that animals share functional parallels with humans’ conscious metacognition — that is, our ability to reflect on our own mental processes and guide and optimize them.”

bonus: Alevi Turks concerned for Alawi ‘cousins’ in Syria

bonus bonus: Report from Former U.S. Marine Hints at Whereabouts of Long-Lost Peking Man Fossils

bonus bonus bonus: Ox Carts and No Coffee – Building a Monastery the Medieval Way. don’t miss the photos!

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  1. The Medieval Monatery: “We want to work as authentically as possible,” says Bert Geurten, the contracter behind the ambitious project, which will take an estimated 40 years to complete.

    Just 40 years …….


  2. On that autism link: Well, yes, of course! (Jtg blows on fingernails, buffs them on vest, puts on smug, smartass facial expression.)

    Actually, I was lying about the facial expression. I do a fair poker face, though.


  3. monastery
    “Despite the difficult conditions, the project has been swamped with applications. “I’ve had 85 stone masons apply already”

    Not surprised. Awesome.


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