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**update 03/22 – new posts below.**

**gonna make this post a sticky one just to make sure everyone sees it. if you’re having troubles leaving a comment here on the ol’ blog, please email me: hbd.chick ampersat yahoo.com. check below for new posts.**

so the new wordpress comments system is: if the email address you’re using to leave a comment on a wordpress.com blog (like the hbd chick blog) was ever associated with a wordpress or gravatar account, you will have to log in to wordpress (or gravatar) in order to leave your comment. an email address never associated with wordpress/gravatar should not be a problem.

but remember: you do NOT have to type in an email address to leave a comment here. just leave the email field blank. there was a bug with that feature for the past couple of days, but the good folks at wordpress have assured us that they’ve fixed it. (yay!)

happy sunday! (^_^)


  1. That thread on logging in to comment is just plain funny to read! I don’t know why people are so upset about having to log in if they want to comment.


  2. @iano10 – some folks like their privacy. (^_^) also, it starts to be bloody awkward if you have to log in to umpteen sites a day in order to leave a comment. turns people off, you know?


  3. Getting the h/t over at Mangan’s.

    Cultural Marxism Having Its Intended Effects on Community Life
    Recent generations care less about their communities in a diversitied world (via hbd chick)

    Well done.


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