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update – 7:30 p.m. pst: the wordpress comments system is still messed up. *sigh* (if you really wanna know what happened you can read this fellow wordpress blogger’s post.)

anyway, seems like wordpress tried to make it so that if the email you are trying to use to comment was ever associated with a wordpress account, then you would have to log-in to wordpress to leave a comment. in making this change, the wordpress folks seemed to have screwed up EVERYthing. there are problems with people trying to use their gravatar accounts to leave comments on wordpress blogs (i don’t really understand that problem to tell you the truth), there are problems with wordpress blog owners trying to leave comments on their own or on other peoples’ wordpress blogs (moi!), and there are problems with being able to leave comments without using an email at all, an option which i selected for the hbd chick blog ’cause i like anonymous commenting.

anyway, there are no hints from wordpress as to when … or if … this is going to be fixed. the anonymous commenting thing seemed to be repaired last night, but it’s broken again. i guess that means that someone is working on something, so i’m going to try to wait this out another day or maybe two. maybe.

so, sorry for the inconvenience. i’m just gonna keep posting light for now ’cause of the awkward/impossible commenting situation. =/

03/16 – 12:15 p.m. pst: well, it seems like anonymous (i.e. without email) comments are not working again on wordpress. ugh. sorry.

the complaints are still blazing away on the wordpress support forum — with no response from any wordpress staff. grrrrrrrr.

i’ll keep you posted on the progress/my plan of action.

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  1. @anonymous – “This is a comment with ‘none’ as the email address.”

    *facepalm* << to wordpress. could this situation be any more ridiculous?

    when people try to leave a comment without writing anything in the email field (i.e. not inserting an email) it doesn't work. ugh.


  2. I tried leaving the field blank, first. The server code was treating that (maybe it was passed along as an empty string internally, but I’m not sure) as if it were a known WP email. That didn’t work. But since “none” did, it looks like code exists to complete the posting task, but the database lookup to see if what it gets in the Email string is faulty. The server code might need an extra test (using something like this pseudo code):

    if ( string_is_empty( email_string ) ) then email_site = NONE;
    else email_site = lookup_email_site( email_string );

    BTW, this is really “motre” on WP.


  3. And this is a post from the browser I am logged into the forums with. Because it is recognized as logged in to via the cookie info, I do not get the “Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in” prompt below the comment typing area. Instead, I get “motre: You are commenting using your account ( Log Out / Change )” which is what I’d expect. Commenting from a WP account is not the issue. The issue comes into play when not logged in (e.g. a common anonymous reader), and trying to post without typing in an email. This should work because hbdchick has selected to allow anonymous comments (and hopefully gets to moderate them). But there is a glitch in the server programming where an EMPTY email field gets treated as if it were a valid user email address. Typing in “none” gets it to work, but that should not be needed. An empty field should do the same.


  4. I got a “Your comment is awaiting moderation” message here when I just posted my previous comment. When I posted the anonymous comments I did not get that. I got just nothing in those cases and the posting was delayed, presumably until moderation approval. So now I suspect maybe some Javascript code that handles the comment posting isn’t handling it right for empty fields.


  5. @motre – “So now I suspect maybe some Javascript code that handles the comment posting isn’t handling it right for empty fields.”

    somebody done screwed up somewhere. (~_^)

    anonymous commenting WAS working for a while yesterday, so it almost seems like someone fixed something and then UNfixed it again (maybe in the process of fixing something else).

    i wouldn’t mind so much — i could live with waiting while things got repaired — if i just knew that someone was working on this (without just having to assume it).

    thanks so much again! (^_^)


  6. Both and people are reporting issues with the handling of posts.

    I don’t like the combined posting options and the not accepting of all the available login types (accept FB, Google, and WP, but not Yahoo for example – I’d personally rather have none but manually filling in every time is a pain in the butt iif your browser doesn’t remember) because that only creates issues for commenters that use different computers that might be logged into different sites where the information is the same but from a different credential holder … does that make sense?


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