democracy and military takeover

heh. here’s a good one! again, from the world values survey, 2005-2008:

Many things may be desirable, but not all of them are essential characteristics of democracy. Please tell me for each of the following things how essential you think it is as a characteristic of democracy. Use this scale where 1 means *not at all an essential characteristic of democracy* and 10 means it definitely is *an essential characteristic of democracy*: The army takes over when government is incompetent.

here are the 10s:

5.3% of americans think that an ESSENTIAL characteristic of democracy is that the army should take over when the government is incompetent?! wtf?? that’s about 5% too many, afaiac. (at least we scored better than burkina faso, tho.)

southerners (not texans) and folks in the nw think this way more than those in other parts of the country. you southerners — you’re always causing trouble! (~_^)

btw. there’s something wrong with the data from sweden — there are no figures for responses three through nine, so i wouldn’t believe that 17% number.

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(note: comments do not require an email. hmmmm. nope. can’t see the bit about the military taking over if necessary….)


  1. I’d think more than 5% of Americans don’t know what the word essential means so this isn’t too surprising.


  2. @polynices – “I’d think more than 5% of Americans don’t know what the word essential means so this isn’t too surprising.”

    heh! (^_^)


  3. @olave – “So Mencius Moldbug is practically Jordanian.”

    oh, is that the way he swings? i didn’t know. i have to admit that i don’t really read him that often — or that much when i do.


  4. Moldbug once speculated on the plausibility and desirability of the US military intervening and restoring the constitution. Which I took to mean, ending all wars not authorized by declaration (all of them), all foreign aid, and all domestic programs not authorized by Article I Section 8 (most of them), and arresting anyone who stood in their way. In doing so they would balance the budget without raising taxes, improve national morale, and deter future violations of the Constitution.

    He considered it desirable but not particularly plausible.


  5. As to the actual meaning of the answers, “when the government is incompetent” is pretty vague, as is “army takes over”.

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if at least some of the 5% were just thinking, “When politics and diplomacy fail, a lot of times the military has to clean up the mess.” I.e., in reference to relations with a foreign country. After all, it is/was government incompetence that forces us to keep interacting with the Islamic world in the first place. The holy book of 1.1 billion people demands that they enslave all Christians and Jews and kill everyone else. Any competent government would sever contact with the region dominated by these people.

    It’s obvious to me that the question wasn’t referring to any of that, but I doubt it was obvious to much more than 95% of the people who answered that question.


  6. The largest US concentration of those whose ancestors were originally born outside of the Hajnal Line can be found in the Southeastern USA. (Hint-They are also strong advocates of the redistribution of wealth)


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