linkfest – 03/04/12

European Neanderthals Were On the Verge of Extinction Even Before the Arrival of Modern Humans“New findings from an international team of researchers show that most Neanderthals in Europe died off around 50,000 years ago.”

New evidence suggests Stone Age hunters from Europe discovered America“New archaeological evidence suggests that America was first discovered by Stone Age people from Europe – 10,000 years before the Siberian-originating ancestors of the American Indians set foot in the New World.” – who was here first? see also: Radical theory of first Americans places Stone Age Europeans in Delmarva 20,000 years ago

Firing My Own Bu-cannon – good one from john derbyshire!

Wealthy More Likely to Lie, Cheat: Researchers – tell us something we don’t know. (~_^)

Different bodies, different minds“[P]eople tend to prefer the things that they encounter on the same side as their dominant hand.”

Experts ‘taste wine differently from others’“A study has found that specialist oenophiles have a much more acute sense of taste than the rest of us – and it may even be in the genes.” – the wine experts found propylthiouracil to be really bitter.

Are Emotions Prophetic? – the “emotional oracle effect.”

The Greater Your Fear, the Larger the Spider“People who are afraid of spiders see the arachnids as bigger than they actually are, recent experiments have shown.” – or maybe they’re more afraid of spiders because they perceive them as larger?

Nearby chimpanzee populations show much greater genetic diversity than distant human populations“Surprisingly, even though all the chimpanzee populations lived in relatively close proximity, with the habitats of two groups separated only by a river, chimpanzees from different populations were substantially more different genetically than humans living on different continents.” – original paper: Genomic Tools for Evolution and Conservation in the Chimpanzee: Pan troglodytes ellioti Is a Genetically Distinct Population.

bonus: Plants have a memory of pests that spans generations – epigentic stuff!

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  1. My crystal ball says the Solutrean Hypothesis becomes hatespeak very soon. Say, the next ten minutes. It will be like pointing out how influential the pro-Israel lobby is, or the violent criminal tendencies of blacks.

    This will make it hard to study, since the more it is suppressed the more I will have the urge to believe it ipso facto. Realizing this, in turn, will make me want to reject the Solutrean Hypothesis ipso facto. And so on. Sort of a strobe-light belief system.

    I guess I’ll just have to buy the book.


  2. re: elite more likely to cheat.

    My own experiences are the opposite, and I question the timing. I am betting that one was fixed.



  3. My prediction is that after all the sound and fury, whether or not the Solutrean hypothesis holds true will prove inconsequential to the ethnic conflict brewing in the US. It will still be the case that:

    1. The tribes that were on this continent when the (later?) phase of European colonization began are no longer in possession of most of the continent.

    2. The (part-Spaniard, part-African) Mexicans will still want a piece of it the US’s resources, and even if their “Our (Amerindian) ancestors’ cousins lived on that territory before your people did therefore we have a right to it” schtick falls flat, they’ll still act in their own ethnic interests. and…

    3. White people will be too guilt-tripped/status-seeking/outbred to respond in defense of our own interests.


  4. @olave – “My crystal ball says the Solutrean Hypothesis becomes hatespeak very soon. Say, the next ten minutes.”

    heh. undoubtedly! =/

    (your crystal ball doesn’t have any stock-market tips, does it? (~_^) )


  5. @georgia resident – “White people will be too guilt-tripped/status-seeking/outbred to respond in defense of our own interests.”

    that’s the crux of the problem, isn’t it? =/


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