1. Hey, it’s charming! I’m assuming you’re familiar with the lyrics (by Johnny Mercer):


    South American stories
    Tell of a girl who’s quite a dream,
    The beauty of her race
    Though you doubt all the stories
    And think the tales are just a bit extreme,
    Wait till you see her face.


    She is all they claim.
    With her eyes of night
    And lips as bright as flame.
    When she dances by,
    Señoritas stare
    And caballeros sigh.
    And I’ve seen
    Toasts to Tangerine*
    Raised in every bar**
    Across the Argentine.
    Yes she has them all the run.
    But her heart belongs to just one—
    Her heart belongs to


    She is all they say
    With mascaraed eye
    And chapeau by Daché.
    With her lips of flame—
    If the color keeps
    Louis Philippe’s to blame.
    And I’ve seen
    Clothes on Tangerine
    Where the label says,
    “From Macy’s Mezzanine.”
    Yes, she’s got the guys in a whirl.
    But she’s only fooling one girl—
    She’s only fooling Tangerine.

    *Alternatively for the three lines “Toasts…Argentine”:
    Times when Argentine
    Had the bourgeoisie
    Believing she was queen.

    **Another alternative line:
    Drunk in every bar


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