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remember how southern italians are more inbred than northern italians? and how the pisa scores are a lot lower in southern italy than in the north? and how there’s less “civic society” and more nepotism — even in academia — in southern italy than in northern italy? and how … well just how different northern and southern italy seem to be from one another in all sorts of ways?

well guess which presidenti di regione in italia earn the most money?

“Sicily and Sardinia Top Regional Pay Table”
27 gennaio 2012

“ROME – Sicily’s [SOUTH] regional chair Raffaele Lombardo says even mentioning ‘wage cages’ (regional wage differentials – Trans.) ‘disgusts’ him. A laudably consistent politician, Lombardo heads a region with almost the same number of residents as Veneto [NORTH], but with a 9.4% lower cost of living, trousering 43% more in pay and allowances than his Veneto colleague Luca Zaia. Lombardo banks €170,319 after tax as opposed to Zaia’s €118,703, according to the official figures posted on the conference of regional chairs’ website ( And this doesn’t even take into account the enormous difference in wealth of the two territories. According to the ISTAT statistics institute, Veneto’s GDP is 75% higher than Sicily’s.

The fact is that the only wage cages – the once-popular system of paying reduced wages in areas where the cost of living was lower – in existence in Italy are the ones that apply to politicians. They’re ‘reverse wage cages’, of course. Does it really make sense for a regional councillor in Molise [SOUTH], with a 32.8% lower cost of living, to rake in €10,125 every month when a colleague in Liguria [NORTH] gets €8,639? We will ignore the fact that Molise has a fifth of Liguria’s population and 37% less wealth per head.

“What is the point of a regional councillor in Emilia Romagna [NORTH] receiving half the net remuneration of a counterpart in Sardinia [SOUTH] (€5,666 in comparison with €11,417)? Or that the annual pay of the Calabrian [SOUTH] regional chair, even after a cut of €27,000, should be €43,000 higher than the remuneration of the Tuscan [NORTH] authority’s chair…?

“We should applaud the claim of Sardinia’s [SOUTH] regional chair Ugo Cappellacci that he waived ‘some time ago the chairman’s allowance and the official car to send out a personal signal at a difficult time for all’ yet it is impossible to forget that every resident in Sardinia has to fork out at least six times as much as a citizen in Lombardy [NORTH] or Emilia Romagna [NORTH] for the upkeep of the regional council. Simply by putting pay in the 20 regional parliaments on the same level, taxpayers could save the far from trivial sum of €606 million a year. It’s hard to see why the regional councils of Emilia Romagna [NORTH] and Lombardy [NORTH] get by nicely on about €8 per resident when the Sicilian [SOUTH] regional assembly needs almost €35 and Valle d’Aosta’s council a lavish €135….

“It still brings a wry smile to your lips to recall that many of Italy’s regional authority chairs are better – and in some cases considerably better – paid than the governors of US states.”


(note: comments do not require an email. northern and southern italy. and a bit in the middle. (~_^))


  1. and that is why Italy is one of the “pigs” (portugal, italy, greece, spain).

    — northern italian girls are more attractive.


  2. @rjp – “and that is why Italy is one of the ‘pigs’ (portugal, italy, greece, spain).”

    piigs. don’t forget the irish — they’re crashing, too. (murphy’s law, right? (~_^) )

    and look! all of the piigs are either outside of — or have large sections of their country outside of — the hajnal line.


  3. i am praying against ireland …. just because of an investment, but i know it is probably impossible that they won’t become the second half of the double i in piigs.


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