free emma west

Support political prisoner Emma West this Christmas


  1. I guess you’ve all seen the video on YouTube?

    Ah, that funny British accent…and how they try to shut her up, but she just goes on and on and on. I know I probably shouldn’t, but…I think I’ve fallen in love!


  2. I sent her a Christmas card.

    It was one of the free ones the DAV send me for my small donations. The image on the card was of two soldiers decorating a pine in a forest for Christmas, somewhere – I am guessing – over in Europe during WWII.

    Instructions are over at England is Ours:


  3. @joseph – “I don’t think they deliver mail to Room 1o1 at the Ministry of Love.”


    what’s the story with west? i’ve lost track over christmas. is she still in jail/separated from her kids? presumably yes on the second count. =/


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