same old, same old

transparency international has the corruption perceptions index report for 2011 up on its website. not much has changed. regionally, eu/western europe least amount of perceived corruption — eastern europe/central asia most perceived corruption, followed closely by sub-saharan africa:

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  1. @the slitty eye – “what a great category…”

    heh. (^_^) yes. so is “americas.” everything from colombia to canada. *facepalm*


  2. @g.w. – “interesting how Botswana is usually the best in Africa for things like this.”

    yeah. what’s up with the botswanans?

    maybe it helps that one ethnic group — the tswana — make up a very strong majority of the population (ca. 80%). maybe it also helps that a strong majority is christian (71.6%).

    maybe they’d be an interesting altruism case study. hmmmmm.


  3. I see Iraq and Afghanistan mentioned. I think surely it doesn’t mean we wind up bringing corruption to these places.


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