jiminy cricket!

world’s biggest bug — all 71 grams (2.5 ounces) of him, pardon me, her(!) — luuuuvs carrots (and small babies, presumably). he’s she’s so cute! (^_^)

see also: Meet the world’s heaviest insect, which weighs three times more than a mouse… and eats carrots in the daily mail — and Dr. Bugs, website of mark moffett, the guy who found this giant weta in new zealand.

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  1. @the slitty eye – “you really think he is so cute?”

    heh. well, he’s cute in the photo. if he were in my kitchen i’d probably run a mile! (~_^)


  2. There is a smaller version here on the mainland NZ, I always check my raincoat now after having found several over the years just hanging out in the folds . I relocate them to the grapevine behind the water tank.

    Ten years ago I had the privilege of staying with the ranger on Little Barrier Island which is a rat-free nature sanctuary with many almost extinct species thriving. I did not see a Weta, but the rare birds, feeding all around close up, gave it a Jurassic Park feel – bar the dinosaurs. Well.. there is a kind of dinosaur, there is this guy


  3. @svk – “I relocate them to the grapevine behind the water tank.”

    awww. that’s nice of you! (^_^) (you’re a big softie!)

    re. the tuatara — cool! never heard of them before.


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