owstreeters start to wake up

“Occupy Protesters Mobilize for Obama’s Visit”

“One man, wearing a mask of the president’s face and holding a cigar, carried a sign that read, ‘I sold out!'”

when they grow up, the owstreeters will realize (hopefully) that obama was ALWAYS a sell out.

now i hope they’ll go and start occupying the rest of the democratic politicians. the whole lot o’ them are sell outs!

mind you, i don’t think that the republicans are any better. all of them — i.e. ALL of our so-called-leaders — should be run outta town (better yet, the country) on a rail.

see also: neuropolitics.org

(note: comments do not require an email. my party affiliation.)


  1. That neuropolitics article is stupid. Poor conservatives don’t “love” the 1%, they just hate the liberals.


  2. @elizabeth – “That neuropolitics article is stupid.”

    fyi – i wasn’t referring to just that article, but to the entire neuropolitics.org site.


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