i have a somewhat extensive collection of articles/references related to consanguinity and/or inbreeding (yeah, i’m weird like that). i think pretty much all of them are in english (but now i’ve got a couple in french! thnx, m.g.!), but they include data from all over the world — mostly europe and muslim countries, though.

since a couple of folks out there seem to be catching the consanguinity bug (sorry!), i hate for you guys to have to reinvent the wheel and search for these articles all over again when i’ve already been there, done that. so, here’s a list of what i’ve got with links to where they are. i don’t have all the articles — sometimes (most of the time, it appears) i just have a reference with an abstract (*sigh*).

obviously, though, i haven’t found all there is to find, so feel free to do lots o’ googling, too! anyway — here’s my list for europe.

oh. first, have a look @consang.net. here’s their data page for europe [opens pdf] and here’s their bibliography.

now, my list of sources for consanguinity/inbreeding data for europe:

Geographic distribution of consanguinity in Europe [abstract] – pdf.

Évolution du taux de consanguinité en Belgique de 1918 à 1959 [whole article] – via m.g. (thnx, m.g.!)

Inbreeding and genetic disease in Sottunga, Finland. [abstract]
Inbreeding in Finland [abstract]
Consanguinity avoidance and mate choice in Sottunga, Finland [abstract]

Fréquence et répartition des mariages consanguins en France [whole article] – via m.g. (thnx, m.g.!)
An Estimate of the Mutational Damage in Man from Data on Consanguineous Marriages [opens pdf] – note: i think this article might contain the same data as the one above — not sure though, haven’t looked at it closely.
Parental consanguinity as a cause of increased incidence of birth defects in a study of 131, 760 consecutive births [abstract] – i’m guessing this is about immigrant groups since the study is from the ’90s. don’t know for sure though.
Parental consanguinity as a cause for increased incidence of births defects in a study of 238,942 consecutive births [abstract] – again, immigrant groups? don’t know.
Trends in inbreeding, isonymy, and repeated pairs of surnames in the Valserine Valley, French Jura, 1763-1972. [abstract]
Social structure and consanguinity in a French mountain Population (1550-1849). [abstract]
Evolution of consanguinity in a French alpine valley: the Vallouise in the Brianfon region (17th-19th Centuries). [abstract]
Relationships between consanguinity and migration rate from surname distributions and isonymy in France. [abstract]

great britain
(i haven’t included recent immigrant groups here.)
Marriage patterns in two Wiltshire parishes 1754-1914: geographical mobility, consanguinity and illegitimacy [link to pdf file towards bottom of page]
A note on the frequency of consanguineous marriages in Reading, England in 1972/1973. [abstract]
Estimating inbreeding from the Faculty Office Registers, 1534-1540 [abstract]
Estimates of cousin marriage and mean inbreeding in the United Kingdom from ‘birth briefs’ [abstract]
Cousin Marriage in Victorian England [abstract]
Kinship, demographic, social, and geographic characteristics of mate choice in Sanday, Orkney Islands, Scotland [abstract]

The occurrence of consanguineous marriages in Hungary. [abstract]

An association between the kinship and fertility of human couples [opens pdf]

The importance of population fertility and consanguinity data being available in medico-social studies; some data on consanguineous marriages in Northern Ireland. [opens pdf]
Consanguinity in Ireland [abstract]
Genetic structure of the Ards Peninsula, Northern Ireland: evidence from civil registers of marriage 1840-1911. [abstract]

(i haven’t included sardinia here.)
– the cavalli-sforza data.
Inbreeding secular changes in the Riomaggiore and Silla Valleys, Italy, from 1565 to 1980. [abstract]
Consanguineous marriages in the Upper Bologna Appennine (1565-1980). [abstract]
Surnames in Ferrara – distribution, isonymy and levels of inbreeding. [abstract]
Temporal trend in marital structure and isonymy in S Paolo Albanese, Italy. [abstract]
Marriage trends in the Italo-Greeks of Italy. [abstract]
Inbreeding coefficients from the surnames of grandparents of the schoolchildren in Albanian-speaking Italian villages. [abstract]
Repetition of the same pair of surnames in marriages in Albanian Italians, Greek Italians, and the Italian population of Campobasso Province. [abstract]
Changes over 100 years in degree of isolation of 21 parishes of the Lima Valley, Italy, assessed by surname isonymy. [abstract]
Endogamy and inbreeding since the 17th century in past malarial communities in the Province of Cosenza (Calabria, Southern Italy). [abstract]
Biodemographic study of a central Apennine area (Italy) in the 19th and 20th centuries – marriage seasonality and reproductive isolation. [abstract]
Culture and biology – surnames in evaluating genetic relationships among the ethnic minorities of Southern Italy and Sicily. [abstract]
Marriage behaviour in the Alpine Non Valley from 1825 to 1923. [abstract]
Isolation and marriage patterns in four South Tyrolean villages (Italy) during the nineteenth century. [abstract]

Studies on Maltese Consanguinity [opens pdf]

Inbreeding in Norway [abstract]
The relationship between inbreeding, migration and population density in Norway [abstract]
Inbreeding and schizophrenia. [abstract]
Population Structure in Norway: Inbreeding, distance and kinship [opens pdf]

Inbreeding Load, as Estimated with Sib Control, in a Portuguese Population [abstract]

Genetic studies in Medzev, an isolate in south-eastern Slovakia – I – History, demography, marriage patterns [opens pdf]

(i haven’t included the basques or gypsies here.)
Population structure in the Western Pyrenees – social class, migration and the frequency of consanguineous marriage, 1850 to 1910. [abstract]
Inbreeding and matrimonial structure in a Pyrenean community (Anso, Huesca, Spain), 1712-1982. [abstract]
Consanguinity in the Archbishopric of Toledo, Spain, 1900-79. I. Types of consanguineous mating in relation to premarital migration and its effects on inbreeding levels. [abstract]
Sex linked versus autosomal inbreeding coefficient in close consanguineous marriages in the Basque country and Castile (Spain) – genetic implications. [abstract]
Inbreeding patterns in the Gredos Mountain Range (Spain) [whole article, html]
Evolution of consanguinity in the Archbishopric of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) during 1900-1979. [abstract]
Multiple kinship in two Spanish regions – new model relating multiple and simple consanguinity. [abstract]
Evolution of consanguinity in the Bishopric of Lugo (Spain) from 1900 to 1979. [abstract]
Inbreeding in Gredos mountain range (Spain) – contribution of multiple consanguinity and intervalley variation [opens pdf]
Local differences in the Archbishopric of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain) in relation to the consanguinity structure, 1900-1979 [abstract]
Consanguinity in the Bishopric of Ourense (Galicia, Spain) from 1900 to 1979 [abstract]
Inbreeding coefficients and degree of consanguineous marriages in Spain – a review [abstract]
Inbreeding pattern and reproductive success in a rural community from Galicia (Spain). [abstract]
Inbreeding patterns in La Cabrera, Spain – dispensations, multiple consanguinity analysis, and isonymy [abstract]
Socioeconomic, demographic, and geographic variables affecting the diverse degrees of consanguineous marriages in Spain. [abstract]
Reproductive pattern in consanguineous and non-consanguineous marriages in la Cabrera, Spain [abstract]

The influence of past endogamy and consanguinity on genetic disorders in northern Sweden [opens pdf]
Genetical investigations in a North Swedish population – the offspring of first-cousin marriages [abstract]
The frequency of first cousin marriages in a South Swedish rural community [opens pdf]
The incidence of cousin marriages in a West Swedish rural community [opens pdf]

Kin Marriages: Trends and Interpretations from the Swiss Example [chapter 11, pg. 211+] – i don’t think there’s any hard data (i.e. numbers) in this chapter, but there is a general discussion of the mating patterns in switzerland between 1300-1900.

i know i have a coupla more references around here somewhere — one for switzerland and one for austria (iirc) — they’re book chapters, so i don’t know where they are right now. will rifle through my files here to see if i can find them….

update 11/18: ok. i’ve added the link for switzerland, but i’ll be d*mned if i can find the reference that i’m thinking of for austria. if and when i do find it, i’ll add it to the list. giving up for this evening.

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