no frickin’ way!

via amren, “Does Music Affect a Fetus?” i woulda said yes, but look at the difference between these two babies when they listen to hip-hop! obviously, n only equal 2, but still — no frickin’ way! used to what they hear at home?


(note: comments do not require an email. hip-hop.)


  1. Hmm. Well, then, when my Irish wife was pregnant with our daughter we used to dance and sway to a lot of folkish and traditional celtic tunes in front of those big, old-fashioned speakers (3′ x 3′) that could really put out some volume. And, sure enough, Em loves that music today — along with every other kind of American popular music from Joplin til now. Just like her dear old Dad (or “Daddy” as we say down South). Like that old grammar school joke: my in stinks but it don’t tell me nuthin.


  2. If we didn’t have enough proof already, that removes any doubt, nigger music is irritating and bad for your health.


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