linkfest – 11/13/11

Sickle-cell mystery solved“Researchers discover how carriers of the sickle-cell anaemia gene are protected from malaria.”

The Western European marriage pattern – @evoandproud.

How Humans Became Social

Study: Flynn effect is not caused by hybrid vigor – @the inductivist.

Behavioral Economics Foils an Obama Tax Cut?

Women see naked men differently too – women objectify men, too! who knew?! (well, i did… (~_^) )

Crowds R Us

Researchers find risk-taking behavior rises until age 50“Women and men follow the same trajectory, with men more willing to compete, through the lifespan.”

According to, the Hispanic community is the fastest growing community when it comes to infidelity – @diversity is chaos.

35% of men from rural Brazil have had sex with an animal, study finds

A Black Gift for Politics? – from the derb.

bonus: These May Be The Droids Farmers Are Looking For – we need more of these!

bonus bonus: Is the tide turning against the killing of ‘cursed’ infants in Ethiopia?

bonus bonus bonus: Harrison Bergeron – h/t anonymous for the link!

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  1. Ah…your Linkfest again. Always much fun!

    I have to admit that, this time, the article that interested me the most was the one on the rural Brazilians and their animals. I mean…35%!! Of course, I am aware of the fact that every once in a while, some farmer, could be in Brazil, could perhaps even be in Norway, gets a little bored and decides to try something new and kinky – and rapes his goat. But, ay caramba! – thirty five percent of ’em?! Sure this number isn’t a little too high? The next time I find myself in some rural area and I see a farmer or a farm animal…this article will come to mind. If I see a cow’s face, I might ask myself if that dumb, sad look is just her regular facial expression…or if it’s really some kind of desperate, Kampusch-like cry for help!


  2. @crassus – “If I see a cow’s face, I might ask myself if that dumb, sad look is just her regular facial expression…or if it’s really some kind of desperate, Kampusch-like cry for help!”

    heh! (^_^)

    keep in mind that these numbers are based on self-reporting, which can be unreliable.

    in other words, imagine what the results would be if you asked the cows! (~_^)


  3. @ – “According to Gray, their findings indicate that the change in perception that results from showing skin is not all bad. “A focus on the body, and the increased perception of sensitivity and emotion it elicits might be good for lovers in the bedroom,” he says.”

    How is this going to affect gays and the military and showers, oh my!


  4. About bestiality, an old redneck joke: reading aloud to his buddy a report in the local paper about some cousins who were arrested for having sex with “cows, pigs, and snakes.” The bud says, “Snakes?”


  5. @ – “Ever since former Harvard University President Lawrence Summers lit up the news in 2005 with his comment that innate differences between men and women may explain the lower numbers of women in the upper echelons of science, researchers have been exploring the impact of gender differences and risk-taking across the lifespan,”

    That far back, eh?


  6. @ – “These May Be The Droids Farmers Are Looking For”

    Having worked in that industry I can say these things don’t look like they are ready for prime time. Imagine 5 guys carrying two 3-gallon plants in each hand, stepping all over each other to get them on the truck in two minutes. Now imagine 20 of these machines trying to do the same thing. :) Shades of Segway.


  7. Tried Googling, Googled really really hard.

    I guess I should just admit it upfront – I’m from Arkansas and “I’ve heard” some stuff kinda like what the Brazilians seem to be doing. I can see how one could maybe fall in lust with a cow – huge eyes and lovely eyelashes an’ all. A short horse, and sheep, perhaps a pig – but a chicken?

    The findings didn’t mention the average Brazilian’s peeper size but still. Are Brazilian chickens larger than US chickens?

    Or are the Brazilians picking up their dates deplucked and ready for basting at Brazilian grocery stores?

    If the latter’s the case, somebody ought tell ’em allowing a chicken to come up to room temperature for too long is positively dangerous.


  8. @jk – “Are Brazilian chickens larger than US chickens?”

    i’ve heard about people men having carnal relations with chickens before (obviously i spend too much time on the internet…), and i always wondered … well, first, wtf? go buy an inflatable lady or something. and, secondly, i’ve wondered … does that even work? i mean, does the chicken survive…?

    and then i stop wondering ’cause i don’t want to start visualizing ANYTHING!


  9. Thirty-five percent of rural Barzilians ADMIT to having sex with an animal?!? I men, it’s not like claiming to have had sex with a supermodel, admitting such a thing isn’t likely to boost your reputation, so the actual number is probably…..higher.

    Ok, not going to think about this any more…


  10. Uh … I messed up that joke. I meant to say, “I’ll show my WIFE the naked men (article)”. We talked about it last night, and not just because of the “funny double entendre” angle.


  11. @olave – “Uh … I messed up that joke.”

    (^_^) heh. the messed up version was pretty funny, too — even tho it really didn’t make any sense. (^_^)


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