autistic europeans?

from the nature article about autism that i linked to yesterday:

“A 2010 analysis of autism diagnoses in California did not find that autism clustered preferentially around areas rich in IT industry. Instead, it found that clusters tended to occur in areas where parents were older and educated to a higher level than were parents in surrounding areas.”

several studies have found a correlation between age of parents and autism:

Both Parents’ Ages Linked to Autism Risk
Link Between Advanced Maternal Age and Autism Confirmed
Advanced Parental Age and the Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder

given the fact that northwestern europeans have a long tradition of late marriage — i’m thinking of the hajnal line here — could that account, at least in part, for what appears to be such a large number of systemizers amongst european populations?


(note: comments do not require an email. you don’t have to be a systemizer either [although it would probably help (~_^) ].


  1. 10 or so years ago I stumbled on a UK webpage that defined “quality time” as “an American term for a relatively short amount of time a parent spends with an otherwise neglected child”.


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