is someone already doing what i thought of, or is there some other reason to alternate lettuce plants (apart from satisfying someone’s ocd-ness)?:

previously: carrots

(note: comments do not require an email. rabbit-resistant lettuce trials.)


  1. I would say that the 3 colors of lettuce in the foreground are planted like that for ease of picking as they go into loose-leaf mixed colored bag….for swpl salads (:


  2. @svk – aaaaaaaaaaaaah! yes, you’re probably right! well thunked out. (^_^)

    i forgot about swpl salads … and that people buy lettuce in bags at the store. (~_^)


  3. Re your recent post on carrots, I read somewhere that the Dutch had selected them for their orangeness to celebrate the ‘House of Orange’.

    A daydream followed where I imagined all the most orangey carrots coming up to the side of the cage whereby the grower bred from the most orangey ones, and in doing so he found that not only did their color improve but they got sweeter as well!

    Converserly the purpley-brown ones that cowered in the corner stayed bitter and unappetizing.


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