the 81.2%

via big government … 81.2% of the owstreeters are white. heh. (61% is male.) click on chart for LARGER view…


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  1. I’d be willing to bet that many of the “Others” are lefty whites who refuse to identify as white.


  2. OWS is tragic. These kids have already won and they are so brainwashed by progressivism that they don’t even realize it.

    1. They are willing to get the shit beaten out of them by cops and willing to go to jail
    2. They are able to deny government control of territory and they have their own internal security that’s an acceptable replacement (media has reported a fair number of rapes and thefts, and a couple of no-go zones within zucotti, lol)
    3. They have at least a few trained military personnel on their side
    3. They have $500k in the bank



    Buy a farm, bring everybody there and declare yourselves sovereign. Tell the feds and wall street to fuck right off. Just unilaterally declare that you are not paying your student loans, previous mortgage, etc and if they have a problem with that, they can come down to the farm and try to collect… if they can get past the Occupy Zion border partrol lazer shooting robots.


  3. Re sarah palin- they have been winning their whole lives, and as good leftists, they hate it.
    They have a perverse desire to “suffer” and experience “oppression” and “police brutality”, thus adding some sort of authenticity to their middling existence.
    Most of these doinks worship non white revolutionaries and trouble makers, and although these kids don’t have the guts to go out in a blaze of glory, they enjoy playing at being rebels and revolutionaries as the world watches.
    They will live off of this experience for the rest of their lives… ” But dude, I was theeerrrree maaaaannn…I saw it all go down first hand!!!”


  4. “The Occupy Wall Street movement is populated by the disaffected and anti-religious Left–that is, if you ignore the Jews. … Our [Jewish] participation in the movement is organized, pervasive, and–most importantly–inspired by the values of our community [i.e., the Jewish Community]. …. [statistics on official Jewish involvement are given]” (Source).

    Based on the fact that Occupy Wall Street is happening in New York City, and based on the demographics of previous far-left groupings, like SDS and the Freedom-Riders**, I’m willing to bet that at least 50% of the “White” OWSers are of at least partial Jewish ethnic-ancestry.

    ** — See here, e.g., and excerpt from an essay by Jewish SDS leader and later Weather-Underground member Mark Rudd: “The author Paul Berman, himself a Jewish veteran of Columbia SDS, in his excellent book, ‘A Tale of Two Utopias,’ gives the following data from reliable sources: two-thirds of the white Freedom Riders who traveled to Mississippi were Jewish; a majority of the steering committee of the 1964 Berkeley Free Speech Movement were Jewish; the SDS chapters at Columbia and the University of Michigan were more than half Jewish; at Kent State in Ohio, where only 5 percent of the student body was Jewish, Jews constituted 19 percent of the chapter. I might add a strange statistic which I became aware of in the course of two trips to Kent State to commemorate the events of May, 1970: three of the four students shot by the National Guard at Kent State were Jewish. This, of course, defies all odds.”


  5. Something is wrong with the “Income” statistics.

    The way it’s presented, it looks like the majority earn over $125,000 a year.

    But then it says only 30% earn “$50,000 or over”.


  6. @hail – “I’m willing to bet that at least 50% of the “White” OWSers are of at least partial Jewish ethnic-ancestry.”

    could very well be. in any case, it’s prolly quite a lot.


  7. Why the hell isthe gender catergory other so high.I mean doesn’t that statistic at least imply the “99%” are different to the general population.


  8. @with the thoughs you’d be thinkin – “…doesn’t that statistic at least imply the ‘99%’ are different to the general population.”

    heh! yes, i do believe you’re probably right. (^_^)


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