linkfest – 10/30/11

The Taíno are extinct – dienekes asks, “How timorous has the modern scientific culture become…?” heh.

Orangutans develop different cultures like humans

Conservatives ARE more squeamish than liberals: Study finds right-wingers are more easily disgusted“[P]eople like to imagine their political views are rational, rather than physical. But they [the researchers] pointed out that it’s far more likely that the disgust response could influence a person’s politics than the other way round.”

Bringing reproductive maturity into line with the age of marriage – @evoandproud.

Childhood poverty leaves its mark on adult genetics“Genes can be reset during early life in profoundly different ways depending on whether children grow up in privileged or deprived households, a landmark study has shown.”

Porn is Addictive — from dennis mangan.

Few Chinese Americans Hold Non-Mortgage Debt? — from parapundit.

Local Knowledge — from greg cochran.

bonus: Ricardo Duchesne’s Intellectual Defense of the West – from kevin macdonald.

bonus bonus: Study Finds Every Style Of Parenting Produces Disturbed, Miserable Adults



  1. I can see that “epigenetics” is going to be this century’s excuse for socialism, just as “environmental determinism” was last century’s excuse. Just remember – to leftists, all research always justifies socialism, no matter what it says. If enviornment predominates, well, we need to manipulate the environment to breed the New Socialist Man. If epigenitics is a factor, we must manipulate the environment in order to influence mutable genes. And if hardwired genetic determinism is found to be true, then we must make up for the “unfairness” of genetic roulette with – you guessed it – socialism. Heads they win, tails you lose, no matter what. Get ready for another exciting century of social engineering, kids!

    It’s times like this that I’m glad I’m no younger than I am…


  2. @tschafer – “Heads they win, tails you lose, no matter what. Get ready for another exciting century of social engineering, kids!”

    *sigh* i’m afraid you’re prolly right, unfortunately.

    what i want to know about epigenetics is — heh, small question — how does it work? i mean, are there genes that underlie the whole system? (i’m guessing yes, otherwise how the h*ck does it happen?) and, if so, do … you know … different people have different “epigenetic genes”?


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