linkfest – 10/02/11

Tea Leaves“Denisovans may stem from Homo erectus, at least in part….” – from greg cochran, via race/history/evolution notes. see also: All One Species.

and on that note: We Are All Laurasians – from the reluctant apostate.

The Spread of Inequality“In variable environments, stratified societies spread more and are also better able to survive resource shortages by sequestering mortality in the lower classes.”

Willingness to lie manipulated with magnets“Magnetic stimulation of parts of the prefrontal cortex can influence the propensity to lie or tell the truth”

The Level and Nature of Autistic Intelligence II: What about Asperger Syndrome?“Asperger individuals’ scores are much higher when they are evaluated by a test called Raven’s Progressive Matrices, which encompasses reasoning, novel problem-solving abilities, and high-level abstraction.” [source] – from the research article: “We have proposed that autistic patients’ cognitive processes function in an atypically independent way, leading to ‘parallel, non-strategic integration of patterns across multiple levels and scales’ and to versatility in cognitive processing.” – our brains are parallel processors, not serial processors. (~_^)

“The Emperor’s New Clothes” book review/critique – from jay.

Neurotics experience more immersion when watching films – yes. yes, we do.

Some South Caucasian perspectives on female exogamy – from ahnenkult.

Schizophrenia And The Developing World Revisited

bonus: the propaganda is working – Americans move dramatically toward acceptance of homosexuality“Young people lead the changes.”

bonus bonus: The euro delusion – goodbye to the third stupid, utopian idea of the last century“Contrary to what proponents of this delusion claim, it is not about xenophobia or racism; the issue, as Charles Moore wrote on Saturday, is one of sovereignty, and sovereignty relies on the legitimacy that only nations can provide.” – wow. see also: Europe’s problem is that no one knows who’s in charge.

(note: comments do not require an email. parallel processing!)


  1. @matt — i love the raven’s matricies — and the three-dimensional tests that you have to rotate in your head. i’m good at those, especially for a girl. (^_^)

    i’m a very visual thinker. mostly i think in sorta amorphous shapes or blob-thingies; but when i’m very tired, i lose the ability to speak in coherent sentences (kinda like someone who’s really drunk) and then i think in vivid pictures. whatever part(s) of my brain that works hard all day long translating my picture-thoughts into words with which to communicate to the outside world suffers complete meltdown when i’m exhausted. it’s obviously one of the weaker parts of my fragile little mind. (~_^)


  2. John Elder Robison, who wrote “Look Me in the Eye” has been taking magnetic brain stimuation to make him more “normal.” He writes about it on his blog. I liked him better when he was more autistic. The book is really a hoot, though. I particuarly liked the snake-shooting story, and the magnesium-fire story.


  3. @justthisguy — wow! how interesting. i wouldn’t want to mess with my brain at all — i like how it works! (^_^) (well, maybe i could be happy with 10 or 20 more iq points.) but, to each his own.

    never read “Look Me in the Eye.” i’ll have to check it out! thnx! (^_^)


  4. Oh, you’ll love it. There is also the story in it of getting the manager to snort Formica dust, believing it to be cocaine. Robison is the guy who designed and built all of the exploding rocket guitars for Kiss.

    Make sure you get the hard-cover first edition. In the paperback, he removed a lot of the “bad” words, “for the children.”


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