finding hbd chick

people sometimes find themselves on the ol’ blog here via some pretty interesting and/or funny search engine searches. i just had to share. (^_^)

my moms grandmother’s sister’s grandchild figure out family relationship?
– that’s your second-cousin once-removed. hope you figured that out, internet person. (^_^)

hbd chick atheism agnosticism

cool looking turbans
– had a link to a picture of one in this post. (~_^)

nifty, sister, father in law
– careful…

sexy chick with car
– no, i don’t own a car.

can we marry with mom uncle son’s daughter
– depends on where you live. if your family/clan/tribe/nation inbreeds a lot, get some genetic screening done before you guys mate, just in case.**

are druze inbred
– yes. [pg. 16]

what is father’s sister’s daughter
– she’s your patrilateral cross first-cousin.

is it safe to marry your seventh cousin
– probably. you really (probably) don’t share that many genes. if you’re concerned, go for some genetic screening.**

prjct fus hbd lrg
– huh?

hbd porn
– huh. the latest fetish?

interlocking boobs
– i … i don’t even know what to say to that.

medieval squirrel
– wait. what was the question again?

**i’m not an expert, so don’t sue me! go ask an expert.

(note: comments do not require an email. the sky is falling! the sky is falling!)


  1. @g.w. – i saw that story about the messed up boob job. oh, man! and the “surgeon” did some unauthorized surgery to her eyes and now she can’t get her eyelids shut?! wtf??


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