(<< coining a new term there? hmmmmm. maybe not.)

i thought i was an athe-nostic ’cause i’m neurotic. but now i learn that, maybe, it’s just ’cause i’m an aspie.

i’m so dysfunctional. (~_^)

16% of high-functioning autists had a religious belief of their “own construction.” heh. that never occurred to me! maybe i’ll give that a try.

previously: sperm donation and possible inbreeding – oops! (see comments thread for discussion on god and religion and all that jazz.)

(note: comments do not require an email. aspies of the world unite!)


  1. Yah, well, I think I have a significant touch of the “A”. I was raised Methodist, like all good people in GA except for those benighted Baptists, but later I fell away to athe-agnosticism.

    I remember the confusion on the face of the Nurse at the Ga. Tech Infirmary when she asked my religion and I replied “Deist.” “Could you spell that?”, she said.

    Anny-whey, I was mostly a slacker and doodah after that, ending up at the Atlanta Friends Meeting for a while, and then a severely Anglo-Catholic church.

    I spent a few years not attending Divine Services after that, but am now happy to attend at a very weird Anglican congregation, run out of Rwanda of all places!

    It suits me to a T ritually and theologically, but unfortunately the music pretty much uniformly sucks. It’s all newage (rhymes with sewage) Charismatic “worship songs.” What the hell is wrong with the good old Welsh Methodist hymns we all grew up with, I ask y’all?

    P.s. The old hymns are not copyrighted, either!


  2. @justthisguy – “It suits me to a T ritually….”

    heh. (^_^) i was raised a catholic and what i always really enjoyed — and look back on with fond memories — was all the ritual. the priest doing the same things in the same order every sunday (wiping down the chalice after communion and putting it away in the little tabernacle thingie behind the altar was one of my favorite moments). very much satisfied my ocd tendencies. (~_^)


  3. I am beminded of something I read about Elizabeth Tudor, that she did not have the religious temperament, but did have a taste for ritual. That’s my gal!


  4. @justthisguy – “Elizabeth Tudor, that she did not have the religious temperament, but did have a taste for ritual.”

    sure. ritual executions! (~_^)


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