big timeline of european mating patterns

this is only a preliminary version — it ain’t finished yet. just didn’t want ya thinkin’ that i was slacking off today. (~_^) click on the timeline for a LARGER version:

(note: comments do not require an email. lolcats timeline!)


  1. dunno. i’m just cheer-leading. (the “impressive” wasn’t sarcastic btw. just checking)


  2. Luke, just download the image and look at it with your favorite image viewer…

    Ideally, hbdchick should provide the Excel spreadsheet file, and not a screenshot thereof.


  3. I think this is a very important project you are putting together. I can see how others can use it, in the future, for all sorts of research. Keep up the good work!


  4. @luke – “Impossible for me to read. How do I increase the resolution?”

    sorry ’bout that! glad you sorted it out. (^_^)

    @ihtg – “Ideally, hbdchick should provide the Excel spreadsheet file, and not a screenshot thereof.”

    i’ll do that! lemme add some more stuff to it first. (^_^)


  5. @jay – “Keep up the good work!”

    thnx, jay! (^_^)

    lemme return the compliment by giving you a round of applause for your translation work! talk about a useful project! i look forward to reading “The Ashkenazi Revolution” and learning more about internal israeli politics in general (don’t know nothing about that at the moment). (^_^)


  6. @g.w. – “Sadly no mind control though.”

    don’t ya just hate that?! the world would be a much better place if we had mind control. and by “we” i mean, of course, just a select few of us — not everybody. that would be a disaster! (~_^)


  7. heh definitely. although in my case i’m not sure if “better” would be the right word as shamefully i’d probably focus on female clothing choices rather than world peace but no-one’s perfect.


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