1. I think the best beers come from Belgium. German and Mittle Europan beers in general are too heavily hopped.

    Go get some Corsendonk, but watch the alcohol content.


  2. @the slitty eye – you know, i read that post of yours — and then something came up and i didn’t have a chance to comment — and then i forgot to go back and leave a comment. *facepalm*

    but i very much giggled at your story! (^_^) nice friend you are! (i like it!) (~_^)

    remind me never to ask you what the word for beer is in chinese. (~_^)


  3. @bob sykes – “Go get some Corsendonk, but watch the alcohol content.”

    i will do! thnx for the recommendation. (^_^)

    i’m a big fan of pilsner urquell. and, for a totally different sort of bier experience, a nice english bitter — like boddingtons. (^_^)


  4. pff.. the good old discussion about the best beer huh… lol

    I am a huge fan of Pilsner Urquell too.. you could get that in the States as well? And the original Budweiser!!!

    I love German beers and Czech beers. Belgium beers are cool too, but the best one goes to Czech republic I am afraid. of course it’s an never-ending discussion. At least I think most would agree what beers sucks, such as American Budweiser and Dutch Heineken… agree on that one?


  5. @the slitty eye – budweiser actually gives me a headache — and i mean just one — bottle, not case! (~_^) i think i’m allergic to something in it, so i don’t drink it at all. heineken — not one of my faves, no — but don’t tell my father i said that! (he’s got a refrigerator full.) (^_^)


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