galton inequality

created by the reluctant apostate (from a concept by glaivester):


  1. OT. I have a theory:
    The reason the status of schoolteaching has gone down in modern times, is that teachers are increasingly required to educate children they don’t feel closely related to.
    Because of this, the occupation just instinctively feels harder, less rewarding, and thus lower status.

    Based on this theory, we can predict:
    a) Schoolteachers in smaller, more ethnically homogenous areas will report more job satisfaction. However, if we’re talking about Northern Europeans, they still won’t like it very much, since NEs are outbred and overall don’t feel incredibly close to each other.
    b) The homeschooling phenomenon will continue to rise.

    Corroborating evidence: In Arab societies (including Arabs in Israel) schoolteaching is traditionally a quite high-status occupation.


  2. If you think about it, schools as they exist today are quite an evolutionarily novel institute. They require the teacher to nurture other people’s children, at the expense of time she could spend with her own children. From an HBD perspective, that feels awfully wrong, doesn’t it?


  3. @ihtg – “From an HBD perspective, that feels awfully wrong, doesn’t it?”

    it is awfully wrong! unless you’re in a pretty homogeneous society. then it wouldn’t be too far out, prolly.

    also, as i’m sure you know, our evolved drives and sentiments can get really misplaced sometimes! like those poor schmucks of birds who wind up raising some cuckoo bird’s chick. you have an instinct to nuture — and you just go with it, ya know?


  4. @r.a. – “Since I haven’t already commented on your featuring of my design on your blog: Danke schön.”

    de nada! (i want a t-shirt. (^_^) )


  5. @cedric – “He’s a pop social darwinism icon (like was his friend Anton LaVey…).”

    i’ve never heard of him, either! does this make me un-cool? (~_^)


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