democracy in libya…

…allahu akbar!

previously: libya – land o’ tribes and “hard-won democracy”

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  1. Public prayer in Tahrir Square in Egypt was also a feature of their “revolution”.

    I think that some of what will be happening in the coming weeks in Libya is forshadowed in these photographs. That is, there will be a fair amount of ethnic cleansing, by death or expulsion, of those from countries to Libya’s south, something that will not play easily into Western media narratives, though it has already gotten some mention.

    Obviously, in terms of democracy, while the National Transitional Council may talk a good game to its patrons, Libya is the North African country that’s been most isolated from the West and its modes of thought for the past few decades, it’s one of if not the most tribal, and it has the biggest oil reserves, none of which bode well for the development of actual democracy.

    And that’s not to speak of when hostilities will actually end…


  2. @r.a. – can’t argue with anything you said there, r.a.

    the western media’s representation of the “arab spring” as some sort of movement towards liberal, western democracy is just sooo far out. i really wonder sometimes (well, actually, almost never!) what goes through the minds of msm journalists and editors — not to mention certain think-tank thinkers.


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