i happened to say over on steve sailer’s blog that the “swedish-speaking finn,” edvard westermarck (the westermarck effect guy), should just be known as a swedish guy ’cause, ethnically/genetically, he was prolly just swedish. i mostly based this on the guy’s name — westermarck sounds swedish to me. i mean, his name wasn’t westeralkeapää or something like that. i also thought that a swedish-speaking finn in those days was more likely to be ethnically swedish than not.

jaakkeli responded (this was over two months ago, but i only saw his response yesterday — sorry, jaakeli!):

“Westermarck’s ancestry may or may not be from the small number of ethnic Swedish peasantry that settled in the Finnish coasts and Baltic islands… well, probably not.”

from what i can make out by looking @ geni.com, it seems like a h*ckuva lot of westermarck’s ancestors actually did come from sweden. i think they might have interbred with some finnish-finns, but i’m not as sure about that. the westermarcks did marry people born in finland, but the names are all swedish-sounding again, so i don’t know what that means. and, there’s also some germans in the woodpile, so there you go.

some of westermarck’s swedish (from sweden) ancestors include:

– his paternal great-grandfather, nils wilheim westermarck, originally from lövånger, sweden.
– his paternal grandmother’s father, henrik johan sajander, originally from västerbotten, sweden.

westermarck’s maternal grandmother’s mother, anna harring (nee wagnitz) — well, her father was from germany.

so, there you go. westermarck was ethnically swedish with a smattering of german and, most likely, part finnish-finnish as well.

oh yeah. and, judging by the average appearance of the vast number of finnish-americans with whom i’ve interacted (n=1), i think westermarck actually looks quite finnish. maybe some actual finnish people would know better than me, tho:

does any of this matter? no, not really. i just got curious, that’s all.

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