there were increases in inbreeding after the two world wars in italy. from cavalli-sforza, et. al. [pg. 213]:

why? here’s what the authors theorize [pg. 212]:

“The major irregularities in an otherwise uniform pattern were observed during the World Wars of 1914-1918 and 1940-1945. During these periods consanguineous marriages became less frequent, compared with the total numbers of marriages. In the immediate postwar periods they increased in number to figures higher than before the war. Perhaps marriages were postponed in wartime, due to the difficulty in obtaining dispensations for marriages between relatives; others got married without declaring they were related. Yet other less easily checked reasons might be suspected for this phenomenon, for example, when men returned from the war the reestablishment of family contacts could have encouraged intrafamily marriage. After all, a major reason to marry within the family is that the reciprocal knowledge of a member of the family is greater than that of more superficial, recent acquaintances, and a soldier returning from war may desire to establish a marriage relationship soon. A very familiar person may be a more desirable mate for both man and woman.”

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