1. Such denial is too blunt to be true. Exactly there was just this messed-up shooting spree in Norway and now leftists sort of give another reason to irritate other ABBs… The vicious cycle goes on again… This is darned retarded.


  2. The videos up on YouTube show a pretty even mixture of blacks and whites — the poor Asian (?) kid who got beat up by one group and robbed by another is one example — so I have to question that this was mainly a black thing. Maybe hbd girl or some of her readers and link to videos and images that show otherwise. Cell phones were everywhere so there should be plenty of evidence.


  3. @luke – “Maybe hbd girl….”

    hbd girl or hbd chick? there are two of us, you know. (~_^)

    yeah — i won’t deny that there were plenty of white folks rioting and looting in the u.k. — especially up north, i think. chavs, right? at least that’s my impression.

    but the rioting in tottenham and the burning down of buildings in london — i’ll betcha that a lot of that was blacks. all of that was launched by blacks protesting the killing of that one gangsta guy.

    edit: some amount of the whites rioting in london, btw, are prolly not english but eastern european immigrants.


  4. from john derbyshire:

    “Plainly there are white kids among the rioters. Equally plainly, blacks are wildly over-represented. The population of the U.K. is two percent black. Does anyone think the proportion of black people among the rioters is two percent? It looks to me more like 60-70 percent.”


  5. basically, black street gangs initially then white underclass copied and joined in.


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