size does matter?

this was too important to hold off posting until my vacation is over:

from: Male Organ and Economic Growth: Does Size Matter?

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  1. LMFAO. This is by far one the kinkiest scientific studies I have ever seen. Exactly how the heck do they come up with those numbers and ideas to examine the GDP and manhood size in the first place?

    But what really interests me is: do you think size matters? LOL


  2. Not seeing linear regression. Still, Satoshi Kanazawa might have a theory explaining these data. Also, why stop at quadratic? Take a 20th order polynomial and R2 will certainly be above 0.8. Robust, I am telling you, very robust.


  3. Yet another totally bogus “correlation.” Doesn’t anyone actually look at the data? Isn’t that the first rule of statistical analysis? Who were their teachers?

    A totally random scatter plot with no pattern. None. I just saw the same bullshit over at Rahib’s regarding neolithic teenagers in cemeteries.

    When I was still teaching, I fought this war repeatedly with students enamored of some stats package. Always lost. Lost the significant figures fight, too. Empirical science is almost impossible to teach.


  4. The most important contribution of this paper is that it gathers a number of studies that show we Xs have bigger dicks than those damn Ys (where Y = population of neighboring country).


  5. “Just how the heck do they come up with those numbers?”

    This “study” uses the same source used in the bogus map that was floating around a few months ago: a fraudulent website containing numbers most of which were completely made up by the site’s creator.


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