men: not so lecherous after all

in an eye-tracking study done of people looking at an ad with hbd some other sexy chick in a bikini, researchers @eyetrackshop found that men looked at the woman’s FACE first, boobs second, while women looked at the boobs first (presumably — hopefully — looking at the bikini top) and face second. men: not so lecherous after all!:

when it comes to car ads, women look at the pretty, shiny car first — men, the info box:

so, maybe it’s not a bad idea for you guys (*cough* dennis *cough*) to buy a flashy car after all! (~_^)

see also: How men and women really DO see things differently (or why the wife’s more interested in the price of the bikini and the husband the contents)

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  1. haha.. I will look at the face, then the boobs, then try to move downwards, the last thing I would care is the description, after I figured out and gave a rough assessment of her, hmm

    For that car picture, men care a lot about the quality of the car, consumption, top speed etc. that’s probably why men would check the text immediately. To me the quality a car is better than its look.

    Either way, men are still pretty visual. Can’t defy natural instinct :)


  2. I’m not certain if I recall the study’s findings precisely – but hasn’t it been shown that men find women whose facial features resembling themselves are more likely to be interested in, er, bonding? Being hetero male myself I don’t wish to cast aspersions here. What about “linger time” (in military lingo, “loitering time”)?


  3. @jk – i think the study you’re thinking of actually showed that when men are looking for a long-term partner they look at a woman’s face more, but when they’re just looking for a little hanky-panky (heh), then they’re (you’re) more focused on the boobs. (~_^)

    i think i linked to that study in one of my sunday linkfests. i’ll have to see if i can find it.


  4. Needn’t bother to search. That’s actually as I seem to recall it – bonding seems to indicate something more long-term. It’s been over a decade since I was interested in bonding – my most recent had a law degree. ☺ Perhaps odd, I tend to loiter on her arms initially.


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