linkfest – 07/17/11

The Brain on Trial“Many of us like to believe that all adults possess the same capacity to make sound choices. It’s a charitable idea, but demonstrably wrong. People’s brains are vastly different.”

So how often does medical consensus turn out to be wrong?

Urge to binge on fatty food ‘dates back to the Ice Age’“British scientists have discovered a DNA switch in the brain that they believe makes Europeans far more likely to binge on fatty food than those living in the East.” – thnx, ice age.

Diver Snaps First Photo of Fish Using Tools – cool!

18 Attributes of Highly Effective Liars“[M]ost characteristics we mentioned are inherent, and related to personality.”

Chinese doctor sets out to ‘cure’ bad driving“When compared to safe drivers, accident prone ones score worse on tests of their night vision, depth perception and ability to estimate speed. Personality tests show they tend to be more extroverted and enjoy taking risks. By testing the DNA samples of about 350 Chinese bus drivers from Hangzhou, [Dr. Jin Huiqing] found that three genes show potential links to accident prone driving.”

Genes Linked to Restless Legs Syndrome Identified

Princeton release: High social rank comes at a price, researchers find“[I]n wild baboon populations, the highest-ranking, or alpha, males have higher stress-hormone levels than the highly ranked males below them, known as beta males — even during periods of stability.”

Baby Parrots Learn Their Names From Their Parents – cool! wait. parrots have names??

sea anemones have personality – personality goes a long way.

Setting the record straight almost impossible“The effect of misinformation on memory and reasoning cannot be completely eliminated, even after it has been corrected numerous times, say Australian psychologists.”

bonus: A new Great Game is evolving in Afghanistan


  1. “Chinese doctor sets out to ‘cure’ bad driving”

    In China? Good luck with that.

    And hooray for the ice age! I love my fatty foods.


  2. > To Washington’s displeasure, Beijing was able to secure the exploitation rights for the region’s biggest copper mine, by shelling out three billion dollars. Now, fully-laden trucks head from the mine in eastern Afghanistan to China on roads built by the Americans.

    So this is what they call ‘great game’, I beg to differ… sounds more like Washington fell for a major shit test, hard.


  3. You can’t blame the Ice Age! Everyone knows it was the Neolithic Revolution wot did it… Well, the lipid hypothesis is false, so we can’t really blame the Ice Age for why we’re fat (and while we’re on the subject it would be fun to test Africans and Indians on this locus, and who said East Asia never had cold winters?), but a desire for a higher fat intake together with the high carb intake breaking satiety and ability to burn fat would mean Europeans would be harder hit.

    Appetite and satiety seems complex though – White men at least have been shown to have higher levels of serum Ghrelin than Japanese men, a “hunger hormone” (causing hunger) peculiarly found in lower levels in the obese and at higher levels in anorexics and inversely correlated with calorie intake and Whites have been found to have higher levels adiponectin (another satiety hormone inversely correlated with body fat) than Asian groups. Yet Whites are still fatter than Asian!

    *although difference is low in preschool children raised in the US, and statistically insignificant – – and when you take into account the flaws in BMI it may go the other way.


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