jewish endogamy on mallorca

not that there’s anything wrong with that (~_^):

“Spain: Mallorca Chuetas Now Considered ‘Real Jews'”

“The word ‘chueta’ comes from ‘juet’, or Jewish. Majorca’s Jews are called ‘chuetas’; they are an ethnic minority, mostly converted Catholics, persecuted during the Inquisition and now, after generations of repression and social isolation, they have been recognised by Jewish authorities. ‘El Pais’ reports that they have been designated as ‘authentic Jews’ by senior Israeli Rabbi Nissim Karelitz.

“They are the descendants of 37 Jews killed in Majorca on May 6, 1691 during the Inquisition for Crypto-Judaism and of part of the Jews who converted to Catholicism, who passed on the collective conscience of their roots. It is estimated that there are currently 18,000 inhabitants on the Balearic island who still carry the surnames of Jewish converted or persecuted families….

“Stigmatised and segregated throughout history, up until the first half of the 20th century they practised strict endogamy (marriage between members of the same clan), to preserve their race…. [U]ntil the end of the ‘seventies, they practised endogamy, as a way of showing solidarity and conserving their identity.”

see also xueta on wiki-p.

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  1. Man, Jews really just care about themselves, huh… They have been trying to locate the descendants of Kai Feng Jew in China as well. But unfortunately they are long gone in the assimilation before they could be distinguished by the Israeli Rabbis


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