poor people don’t like terrorists

at least not in pakistan (at least not the ones in this survey). it’s the middle class you gotta watch out for (edit: like the ones in abbottabad maybe?):

“Pakistan’s Middle Class Extremists”

“The data revealed four findings that undermine common wisdom about support for militancy in Pakistan. First, survey participants were generally negatively inclined toward all four militant organizations….

“Second, Pakistanis living in violent parts of the country, in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in particular, strongly disliked these groups….

“Third, poor Pakistanis nationwide disliked the militant groups about two times more than middle class Pakistanis, who were mildly positive toward the groups….

“Finally, this dislike is strongest among poor urban residents….”

so, if you’re stuck living (or dying) with extremists and terrorists in your neighborhood, you’re prolly reeeally not gonna like them. makes sense.

previously: ass-burgery terrorists?

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  1. Sounds the same as the West. It’s smart people here who are non-centrist. The less bright are much more likely to be non-ideological centrists.


  2. This reminds me of the debate vis a vis communism in Russia and China in the 20s and 30s.

    If you have an educated elite in a peasant country where the peasantry only care about their valley and that elite is chafing at the level of economic success it has relative to those it sees as natural equals then i wonder if the common reaction is to be repelled by blood-ties type idealogy, partly out of snobbery and partly because excessively clannish blood-ties are what are holding you back, so perhaps the obvious psychological route (unless you’re St Augustine) is to latch onto some kind of authoritarian unifying idealogy that can be used to drag the peasantry kicking and screaming into the future.


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