this bugs me:

“Paedophile with a foot fetish who abused 18 girls at takeaway is jailed for four years”

“A takeaway worker who claimed asylum in Britain went on to groom 18 schoolgirls for sexual abuse.

“Foot fetishist Homayon Narouzzad, 33, who had claimed he was fleeing persecution in Iran, targeted children as young as 12 when they came in to buy food….

“One 13-year-old unwittingly acted as a ‘pimp’, recruiting friends who in some cases in turn brought along their younger sisters, creating a ring of girls aged between 12 and 15 subjected to regular sexual abuse….”

girls aged between 12 and 15. so that means that the guy — however creepy he may be, and he sounds and looks like a MAJOR creep (just look at him!) — is probably not a pedophile.

pedophilia means being attracted to prepubescent children, which is weird and those people should be kept away from small children, by all means.

but being attracted to young girls who have hit puberty? even if they’re just 12 years old? not so weird, from an evolutionary p.o.v.

that’s not to say that i wouldn’t kill (figuratively speaking) any guy who came near a 12 year old daughter of mine — i’m just saying that the attraction part is not surprising. or even weird.

we have words for people who are attracted to young people at different stages of development (obviously re. the exact ages, your mileage may vary): hebephilia – being interested in individuals in the early stages of puberty, ca. ages 11-14; and ephebophilia – being interested in young adults, ca. ages 15-19, not weird at all afaics.

i wish society would start using these terms because calling everybody who has an interest in someone under the age of 18 a pedophile is just nuts. it makes it sound as though there’s rampant pedophilia in modern society, which there prolly is not.

previously: retarded teenagers

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