linkfest – 07/03/11

Is Rape Natural?

Why Faces of Other Races Look Alike

Strange Science: Menstruation Causes Prejudice?“At their most fertile, women are more suspicious of men they see as outside of their social or racial group and who they perceive as being physically threatening. Which means that prejudice could, at least partially, be a byproduct of our biology.” – heh. not strange at all.

Asian and Hispanic Americans, regardless of religiousness, are more likely to identify as Democrats than Republicans – @diversityischaos.

Finding showing human ancestor older than previously thought offers new insights into evolution“Homo erectus probably did not share habitats with modern humans.”

Neuro-Opto-Genetics and the New Cyborg Future – @al fin.

The first non-human meat farmers – one species of ant farms other insects for meat! maybe.

Family ties doubted in Stone Age farmers

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Black Women with Herpes, and More! – @the unsilenced science.

bonus: The Loading Dock Manifesto


  1. Asians will vote GOP within 7 years. Popular pressure on the parties will soon begin to increase and (same thing) media ability to control people decrease. GOP will become more anti-war, anti race quotas, anti immigration. More tax relief for middle class, less for affluent.


  2. With regard to menstruation and discrimination, it suggests masculinity and alphaness widen the distribution of results. Let’s assume all men can attain some primal alphaness as distinct from intelligence, race, or “grace” in our civil society. And also let’s assume women can respond to men with revulsion on one end and mate now attraction on the other. Being alpha, especially for black guys, means an increasing number of women will feel uncomfortable as his objective alphaness goes up.


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