1. @justthisguy – “So, what do you think of that Neanderthal theory of autism?”

    i used to think more of it than i do today. interesting idea, but i don’t think you need to go that far back in our genetic history to find the roots of autism. if the autistic state-of-mind has something to do with being a hunter, any such genes could’ve arisen in paleolithic times.

    alternatively, maybe it has something to do with more modern skills like engineering (see baron-cohen’s stuff on autists having lots of engineers in the family). couldn’t the autistic state-of-mind be something that has developed more recently (by recently i mean the neolithic!) — i.e. that certain genes were selected for ’cause it helped us build aqueducts? kinda like how ashkenazi jewish genes for high iq prolly developed over the last 1600 years or so (per cochran and harpending) — maybe autism-related genes are a reflection of a development in human intelligence in other ways.

    dunno. all speculation! in that way i like the neanderthal theory of autism. speculation — wild theorizing — is just good, afaiac!

    (i still wish i had more neanderthal genes.) (~_^)


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