say it five times before breakfast tomorrow…

…stephen jay gould was a crappy scientist (but you already knew that, didn’t you?):

Stephen Jay Gould: incompetent or biased?
A mismeasured Mismeasurement of Man
Stephen Jay Gould: The Misrepresentation of Science

research article: The Mismeasure of Science: Stephen Jay Gould versus Samuel George Morton on Skulls and Bias

p.s. – i <3 greg cochran.

edit: see also Gould’s “Unconscious Manipulation of Data”

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  1. I finally got the post up linking to you. I will be off next week, and will have time to read a fair bit on your site (and the links beyond links such browsing always entail) and Steve Hsu’s. I hope to post something intelligent about it all.

    Over 3000 posts at my site, I don’t know where you should start. The sidebar section “extended comments” might be good, especially “Cultural Tribes.” It’s a smallish site, with only about 60 distinct visitors a day, but the regular commenters know each other a bit – I think you might hit it off with terri or retriever (both on the sidebar).


  2. Dang, another grave I need to piss on! First it was Bill Sherman (I’m from Georgia), then Emmanuel Celler (I liked my country just fine the way it was, thank you.) then Bruno Bettelheim (he was mean to auties and their mommies) and now this guy.

    Not that I would unzip in public, though. As a person of Anglican tendencies, I believe all things should be done in good order, with due ceremony. Fer instance, if I were to visit St. Louis, I would provide myself with an old-fashioned glass urine specimen jar, fill it with the appropriate liquid in a publicly-decent way, stick a sprig of poison ivy in it, and (ir)reverently place it among the many other offerings at Bill’s grave.


  3. @jtg – oh, man. there are so many funny people on the innerwebs! thnx for the few minutes of uproarious laughter you just produced over here! (^_^)


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