kids and media

Media Use Among White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian American Children


“When it comes to spending time using computers for entertainment, Asian youth lead the way, spending an average of almost three hours (2:53) a day among 8- to 18-year-olds, followed by Hispanic youth at 1:49, Blacks at 1:24, and Whites at 1:17. [See Table 22]

“Asian youth have more computers at home and are more likely to have a computer in their bedroom. [See Table 23] Asian youth are also substantially more likely to have their own laptop than White youth (41% of Asians, 35% of Hispanics, 33% of Blacks, and 24% of Whites). Hispanic youth spend more time using computers than White youth do, despite the fact that they have fewer computers at home and are less likely to have home Internet access than their White or Asian peers (74% of Hispanics and 78% of Blacks, compared with 89% of Asians and 88% of Whites). [See Table 23]”

that’s it? three hours a day? amateurs. (~_^)

“Differences in media consumption are especially pronounced with regard to TV, with Black youth (ages 8 to 18) watching an average of nearly six hours of TV a day on various platforms (5:54), Hispanic children close to five and a half hours (5:21), Asian youth more than four and a half hours (4:41), and White youth averaging about three and a half hours (3:36) a day. This includes time spent watching live TV, as well as DVDs, pre-recorded shows, and computer and mobile viewing. [See Table 1]”

SIX hours a day of tv! sheesh. what the h*ck are they watching for all that time?! talk about mind-numbing.

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  1. So, white people actually watch TV the least. That’s relevant to some discussions I had on Mangan’s recently about the power of the media.


  2. It would be very interesting to see the results of a regression analysis of various factors vs. TV time for each racial category.  These factors should include academic achievement and aggression.  If races are aggregated, any related variation would confound the results.  Maybe TV isn’t as bad as its reputation…. or maybe it’s worse.  We need to know.


  3. @engineer-poet: “Maybe TV isn’t as bad as its reputation….”

    might depend on what sort of tv you watch, too. if you’re sitting watching jerry springer all day or sitting watching mythbusters and wildlife documentaries.

    of course, jerry springer is educational in its own way, i suppose. (~_^)


  4. I myself worry about the disconnect between white TV-hounds and other whites. The former group gets tons of “funny” anti-white propaganda all the time; the latter group assumes it doesn’t exist. And of course the former group nurses their INCREDIBLY thin skins on the subject of Too Much TV. The first time I got criticized for being “judgemental” about other people’s TV watching … when in fact I had only mentioned that I don’t watch it very much … was probably about 1980. Since then it’s happened several times.

    In any case, now we see that blacks are more exposed to anti-white prop than whites are. While we can’t determine cause-and-effect, the predicted and observed effects are the same. Blacks will get an inflated self-esteem from essentially being told that they’re better than the descendants of the people who invented constitutional law, modern medicine, and space travel. But they’ll also get an undying sense of hostility from believing that their inferiors have all the good stuff (like nice neighbors).


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