ukrainio-vulcan nerve pinch

i always love it when various national parliaments decend into anarchy (like when the korean members of parliament get into an out-and-out brawl, throwing chairs and everything) — reminds me that juuuust beneath the veneer of human civilization….

here’s the speaker of the ukrainian parliament making a point-of-order to one of his fellows the other day:


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  1. In 1845, South Carolina Congressmen Preston Brooks entered the US Senate and beat Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner with a cane. Sumner was severely injured and Brooks was reelected.

    This would never happen today as Republican and Democrats are just way too similar. Different sides to the same coin.


  2. @camp – “…South Carolina Congressmen Preston Brooks….”

    possibly (probably) one of america’s “clannish” folks being from south carolina and likely of border reiver stock, although it’s hard to tell with a name like brooks. too generic.

    @camp – “This would never happen today as Republican and Democrats are just way too similar. Different sides to the same coin.”

    true. they’re in agreement on just about everything, aren’t they? =/


  3. “The last rreivering (rustling) in the British Isles was in the Highlands…”

    h.chick edit: i believe it! (~_^)

    “…and it was stamped out by Coll MacDonnell made a fortune suppressing cattle lifting as Captain of the watch and Guardian of the Marches on the west side of invernessshire. (Some saw this as a a protection racket enforced it with violence and torture). See ‘Musket Shot and the Highland Targe’. Roberts, Alasdair // History Scotland Magazine; Sep/Oct2012, Vol. 12 Issue 5, He also led the most effective unit in the Jacobite army. It was part of the MacDonnell Glenngarry regiment. Clan violence was mainly about defending resources where law did not exist, hence no feuding in Glengarry County, Ontario.”

    h.chick edit: yes, because clannish peoples have difficulties organizing and applying universal laws and a unifying state precisely because they are clannish. they don’t get along with neighboring clans, so they never manage to come together as a commonweal.

    “There were Scots Irish in Carolina, but a lot of other Scots too. Covenanters (from Ayrshire) went to Carolina in 1684. There was a concertration of Highlanders in North Carolina

    “US politicians:- Andrew Jackson was Scots Irish and he got into fights ant duels. but Button Gwinnet was killed by Highland born Lachlan McIntosh. Alexander Hamiltonwas killed in a duel with a man of southern English descent. Lincoln (name from SE England,) backed out of a duel he’d been challanged to by an Irishman (who’d objected to Lincoln telling him to ‘get back where you came from’).”

    h.chick edit: yup. i think that perhaps duelling between individuals developed in different societies during an in between stage as they moved from inbred to more outbred. in inbred societies you get clans that fight each other on the group level. in very outbred societies you get a strong state (of the people) enforcing the law. in between, after having left full clannishness but before getting to full outbredness, you get duels between individuals. that’s my theory anyway. i could be wrong.

    Nuclear and Stirling engines spur space exploration. The Stirling engine was invented in a small Ayrshire village.”

    h.chick edit: yes. don’t see the point of this comment, though. as i’ve said to you before, the question here is not one of iq. a population can be somewhat inbred but still have a high iq (see china). the question here is clannishness or not clannishness.


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