got milk?

Dairy consumption does not elevate heart attack risk, study suggests

“They split the study population between two equal groups: 1,815 ‘cases’ who had non-fatal heart attacks and 1,815 comparable ‘controls’ who did not. The researchers looked not only at the subjects’ self-reported dairy intake, but also at measurements of dairy fat biomarkers, namely 15:0 and 17:0, in their bodies.

“What they found is that the dairy intake of people who had heart attacks was not statistically different than the intake of people who did not. After breaking people into quintiles, based on their dairy consumption amount, there was no significant linear relationship between consumption and heart risk, even among the most voracious consumers. The highest consumption quintile consumed an average of 593 grams of dairy foods a day.

“When the researchers controlled for such risk factors as smoking, waist-to-hip ratio, alcohol intake, and physical activity, the lack of a statistically significant association between dairy intake and heart attack risk remained. They also tracked and adjusted the data for levels of CLA and calcium and found they may have a protective effect. Protective effects lessened in the highest quintile, however.”

i drink milk and eat a fair amount of cheese. i’ve always figured that i come from a looooooooong line of lactose tolerant people so milk is prolly ok for me. and, goshd*rnit, i LUV milk! everything in moderation, tho (except for dark chocolate).

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  1. I don’t have a good mental image of grams, so I checked on the web, converting 593 grams of water (close to milk, I figure in terms of density) to ounces. It worked out to 20 ounces, ie, 2 1/2 cups of milk a day. That’s not very much milk, especially since it is the amount consumed by the ‘highest quintile’ (highest 20%). WTF?


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