ANOTHER watsoning in the air?!

i see from altright that kanazawa is now being “investigated” by the lse for his “controversial” blog post.

jesus h. christ!

how many watsonings have there been so far?: james watson, larry summers, chris brand, lazar greenfield … charles murray certainly didn’t have an easy time over “the bell curve.” i’m sure i’m forgetting someone.

now, maybe, kanazawa?

this is ridiculous. thinking people cannot put up with this anymore. it really is a full-blown witch-hunt. there’s no other way to describe this behavior.

edit: or inquisition, i guess.

previously: the offensive mr. kanazawa

update 05/21: see also dennis.

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  1. Did he only get this far because he wasn’t white?
    I guess the fate of the “Asian of Reason”/Oriental Right sort of presaged this.


  2. Chagnon qualifies. Rushton was definitely full-watsoned by prominent press and by colleagues, he just didn’t back down.


  3. Frank Ellis at University of Leeds.

    Andrew Fraser at Macquarie University.

    Geoffrey Sampson is also an interesting case.

    “Of course, ironically, the vehemence with which I was denounced by a Government minister only served to make it pretty clear that he knew that what I wrote was broadly correct. If you are genuinely convinced that what someone is saying is factually mistaken, it is not sensible to drop on him from a great height. It is more effective in practice to point out the flaws in the reasoning politely, and to let reality and common-sense do the rest. Even if my statements about r@cial differences and r@cial feelings were in fact mistaken, they were manifestly a sincere contribution to political discourse, and, in a civilized society, entitled to respect as such; and respectful counter-argument is the most effective way to oppose false beliefs. The louder that the Minister for Europe thundered that my statements were “outrageous”, the more obvious it was that in his heart he knew they are true. He knew the truth, but he was determined that no-one shall dare to voice it openly. That is how Britain is governed now.”


  4. @HBD chick: Actually the Spanish inquisition, at least formally, presumed innocence until guilt was proven. The modern inquisition presumes you are racist/sexist until proven innocent. And even then people never look at you the same.


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