guys are kinda weird, too

a couple of weeks ago, onestdv had a post up about chicks and their haul videos. i actually hadn’t heard of haul videos until his post (yes, believe it or not!, sometimes i’m really out of touch — ME!), but i had to agree with him — girls ARE weird with all their frivolous shopping and crazy haul videos.

but, guys are kinda weird, too! maybe buying techie things isn’t so frivolous, but unboxing videos (or geek pr0n as we like to call it in our house) certainly are silly! here’s the purported first one. eveh! and it predates all the haul videos, so YOU GUYS STARTED WITH THE SHOPPING VIDEOS! (~_^):


heh! (^_^)

i have to admit, the only unboxing video i ever watched before making this post was this one — unboxing the lego millennium falcon. i sooooo shared this guy’s excitement!:


other silly guy things? how about all the everday carry sites? huh? huh? (not that there’s anything at all wrong with them! and not that i’m not totally into them….):

edc videos

yeah. you guys are kinda weird, too! in your own, lovable ways. (~_^)

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  1. Personally I pack 4L of a decent red, a 1917 War & Peace (English by the Maudes), and a well-sectioned fugu on dry ice. But I’m thinking of shedding a little weight – maybe 1.5L and The Master & Margarita. I’m a little afraid it won’t last through the day, is all.


  2. I note that the EDC article mentions one atypical thing which is part of my EDC stuff.

    And yes, I do have to leave it outside of airports.


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