all tribes all the time linkfest – 04/10/11

– kenya –
Large tribes dominate public jobs“An audit by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has revealed that ethnicity is still prevalent in government jobs three years after the National Cohesion and Integration Act came into effect.” also: Skewed employment practices in the civil service undermining cohesion.

see also: tribes in kenya. previously: stanley kurtz rocks.

– libya –
Gadhafi’s rule relying on wavering tribal support also: Libya’s biggest tribe [Warfalla] joins march of reconciliation to Benghazi

previously: libya – land o’ tribes

– pakistan –
Kurram: False Accords (Terror Watch) – ongoing fighting between the turi tribe (pashtuns) and the bangash tribe in the kurram agency

– usa –
Washington Indian tribes becoming economic powers

– yemen –
Jeremy Scahill: Yemen’s Tribes will Shape the Country’s Future – video. also: Yemeni tribe members attack electricity pylons, cut supply also: Tribes raise the stakes in Yemen

see also: yemeni tribes

– bonus –
Is Tribalism the Future? – by pat buchanan


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