linkfest – 04/03/11

Ontogenetic De Novo Copy Number Variations (CNVs) as a Source of Genetic Individuality: Studies on Two Families with MZD Twins for Schizophrenia – identical twins don’t, necessarily, have identical genomes (see also: CNVs)

Religious Young Adults Become Obese by Middle Age: Cause May Be Unhealthy Food at Religious Activities“Young adults who frequently attend religious activities are 50 percent more likely to become obese by middle age as young adults with no religious involvement, according to new Northwestern Medicine research.”

Genes relate to level of alcohol consumption among Asians – 12 SNPs on chromosome 12q24

Europe and China have different Neandertal genes

Women more likely than men to obey a satellite navigation system – even when it gives wrong directions – heh.

Political regimes, political ideology, and self-rated health in Europe: a multilevel analysis“Individuals with rightwing ideologies report better health than leftwing individuals…. This study shows that although both individual political ideology and contextual political regime are independently associated with individuals’ self-rated health, individual political ideology appears to be more strongly associated with self-rated health than political regime.”

Scripps Research scientists: Sensory wiring for smells varies among individuals – diversity in how the olfactory system is wired

Genes For Fast High Altitude Adjustment – from parapundit

Cultural Values and the Well-Being of Future Generations: A Cross-National Study“[T]he more a nation prioritized Egalitarianism versus Hierarchy values and Harmony versus Mastery values, (a) the higher was children’s well-being in the nation, (b) the more generous were national laws regarding maternal leave, (c) the less advertising was directed at children, and (d) the less CO2 the nation emitted.” (behind a paywall)

Scientific literacy by race – from the audacious epigone

First-born children are ‘more likely to suffer from allergies’“Japanese scientists found that multiple births build up the immune system in the womb which is transferred to babies. It means second and third children are less likely to suffer from hay fever or develop food allergies.”

bonus – Raciology in Russia @altright


  1. <i.Religious Young Adults Become Obese by Middle Age: Cause May Be Unhealthy Food at Religious Activities

    This sounds like an Onion title.

    But it’s not, instead it’s just more sloppy social-science, from what sounds like the Corporate Media. (I wouldn’t say “ScienceDaily” classifies as corporate media, but the quality of reporting is on par).

    Easy refutation of their premise [either the overt “unhealthy food” thing or the implied “religious people are of over genetic quality”] :
    USA’s Polite Society today, (what we once called “Bourgeois” society), is secular, with anti-religion elements ascendant, though restrained by those still loyal to their churches and the secular-neutral mass in the middle. Thus, those who aim higher, socially, are much more inclined towards irreligiousness, as it means embracing respectability. Those who don’t aim high socially remain religiously attached, and lower-class lifestyle in today’s USA makes people fat.

    The precise opposite is true in much of East-Asia (except Japan), where Christianity is associated with status. The handful of native fat people one can find in the Tiger economies and Coastal China now are likely to be either unattached or members of old Oriental religions, i.e. of lower social ambitions.


  2. @hail – i went back to the original article (the article in science daily is basically just the press release from northwestern university’s pr office) to find out where this research was published, but it hasn’t been. apparently the results are being presented at some science conference. so, we can’t see who they studied, etc., etc.

    you make some good points about many people who are NOT religious today. many (most?) of them are the swpl types who probably go to yoga instead of sunday services.

    i’ve got a few actively religious people in my family — and there IS a lot of getting together for potlucks and such, so i’m not surprised to hear that the actively religious in america have a higher risk of obesity. (~_^)

    not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. from the article|press release: “The authors caution that their findings should only be taken to mean people with frequent religious involvement are more likely to become obese, and not that they have worse overall health status than those who are non-religious. In fact, previous studies have shown religious people tend to live longer than those who aren’t religious in part because they tend to smoke less.”

    i really don’t think the researchers were implying that religious people are genetically predisposed to get fat (and, therefore, somehow inferior to swpl types) — although who knows?! maybe religious people are more genetically inclined to get fat. THAT would be interesting! anyway, they clearly talk about possible “obesity intervention” actions that might be taken. and i’m pretty sure they’re not talking about any sort of eugenics plan against religious people. (~_^)


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