1. So, what’s the deal with Hungarians? Do they tend a) to exaggerate more about their size or b) are they so genetically different from their European neighbors that their penis size is closer to that of African populations?

    Also, I was surprised to see the reported size in Colombia and neighboring countries. I always thought that the largest average sizes were found in Africa. Any explanations?


  2. There seems to be important differences even among European countries that do not *seem* to be that different genetically. 1 cm difference between Irish and British? French and Italians significantly larger than Spanish/British/German?

    I would be curious to see the methodology though, to see how reliable are these results. We know that this is a notoriously difficult topic to study…


  3. @anonymous commenter – “1 cm difference between Irish and British?”

    well, there’s more anglo-saxons (i.e. germans) in britain than in ireland.


  4. Thanks hbdchick.

    Well, I notice that France, Italy, Hungary, and Czech Republic were self-reported, while Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria were measured. Needless to say, this is a potential confounding factor (probably worth at least 2 cm…).

    According to this study, the most impressive looking males in the nude probably come from Ecuador: 17.77 cm for only 1.69 m height on average!


  5. The map is bogus. Most of the data points (certainly including Ecuador) are fabricated, and the few that aren’t can’t always be directly compared.

    “French and Italians significantly larger than Spanish/British/German?”

    Looking at the “source”, the French and Italian numbers given are claimed to be “self-reported” (i.e., invented outright by the site’s creator). Actual Italian study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11223678

    More than you probably want to know about this subject: http://www.slate.com/id/2136061/

    The data simply does not exist to create a map like this, but many of the trends invented by the (presumably Hispanic) author run directly counter to the evidence that actually exists.

    E.g., here is the original of the photoshopped “Figure 5”, showing the results of an actual internet survey:



  6. @n/a – “The data simply does not exist to create a map like this.”

    thnx, n/a! good to know.

    what about the hungarian numbers? any reliability to them do you know? (~_^)


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