stanley kurtz rocks

there’s only two reasons to ever bother reading the nro: john derbyshire and stanley kurtz.

now, as much as i love john derbyshire and his eternal-pessimism-of-the-conservative-mind, i have to say that i’ve learned the most from kurtz — specifically about how and why non-western societies work in the ways that they do.

just lookie here:

Tribal Tension in Kenya
“. . . and the delusion of African democracy.

“Call it the democracy delusion. We believed democracy was spreading. It was not. Now we worry democracy is retreating. It is not — since it barely advanced to begin with. We expect democracy to win the war on terror. It will not. We know from profoundest experience what democracy is, yet the very power of our experience blinds us. So achingly do we pine for a fantasy world of peaceful, loving polities that we see democracy in every passing stranger. Almost any Third World country can have us at hello. Just flash an ink-stained finger and Americans (Europeans too) open up their hearts, pocket-books, arsenals, whatever — only to be left alone, crying, and feeling used. But the truth is, we do it to ourselves.

“Maybe Kenya will finally break our pattern of dangerously naive infatuation with pretend democracies — Kenya, Pakistan, and, of course, Russia . . . let’s be honest and include the Palestinian Authority and Lebanon, as well. Need I mention Iraq? OK . . . deep-breath, slowly, say it with me now: ‘My name is the United States of America, and I am addicted to phony democracies….'”

i HIGHLY recommend reading the whole thing.

and this one, too: I and My Brother Against My Cousin

and if you really want to get into all the nitty-gritty, these two: Marriage and the Terror War and Marriage and the Terror War, Part II.

that is all! (^_^)

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